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Important Points

  to success in aligner therapy    

Aligner therapy can result in well aligned teeth if the following points are considered during the therapy

1- Patients should be aware that they MUST wear their aligners at least 22 hours a day otherwise they should not expect good result at the end of treatment.

2- When putting the aligners on the patient need to make sure that the composite attachments have been properly placed in the aligner so that the patient can hear a click which indicates the attachments have been placed firmly and the aligner is fitted on  all the teeth.

3- I.P.R (Interproximal Reduction-Stripping) MUST be done according to the report received from the laboratory. It is strongly recommended to use I.P.R gauge. This is essential because if I.P.R. is done more than amount mentioned in the report it can result in unwanted space at the end of treatment and if it is done less than mentioned amount it can lead to lack of space so that the teeth will not have enough space to move and the next aligner will not fit.