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Transparent Aligner System


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My name is Alireza Bahman and I am the manager of Bahman Orthodontic Laboratory. I finished the course of dental prosthesis in “Beheshti University of Iran” ( Previously called National University of Iran ) in July 1995 and started working for professor Ali Akbar Bahreman ( known as the founder of contemporary orthodontics in Iran ) in his orthodontic office laboratory

In 1999 I established this laboratory and since then we have been giving technical services to many prominent Iranian orthodontists, pediatric and general dentist fabricating various types of functional appliances, rapid maxillary expanders (R.M.E.), soldering, screw & retentive appliances and fixed and removable space maintainers

In 2012 , we started providing Iranian orthodontic and dental community with 3D Digital Orthodontic Models for the first time in Iran using Maestro 3D dental scanner and the powerful software of ” Ortho Studio ” and succeeded to establish our lab as the pioneer in 3d digital orthodontic laboratory services in Iran. Many Iranian dental faculties started 3d digitizing their stone study models and some orthodontists started to store their new patients dental records as 3d digital orthodontic models

Now for more than 3 years we have been A.B.O. authorized user for 3d digital models.

In 2013 we started searching about clear aligner fabricating procedures which use CAD/CAM technology and also got useful information regarding the indication of clear aligner systems consulting with some orthodontists who have the experience of aligner therapy using pioneer aligner systems such as Invisalign

In December 2015 we introduced ” B-Align ” aligner system to the Iranian orthodontic and dental community. B-Align transparent aligners are fabricated using CAD/CAM and based on orthodontics basic principles. We use Maestro 3d dental scanner, soft wares such as “EASY DENTAL SCAN” and “ORTHO STUDIO” and D.L.P. & S.L.A. 3d printers and press thermoformable disks from “Scheu Dental”(German company) and “Leone”(Italian company) on 3d printed models using “Ministar” and “Biostar” pressure former from “Scheu Dental”